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     Hi. I teach bassoon, practice, and soundpainting at Oberlin conservatory.


    In my teaching I focus deeply on practice techniques in order to enable every student to fulfil and maximize their unique path in life. Whether that is orchestral, new music, or something outside of music all together, I help people become the best they can be.


    My bassoon students have been accepted into top graduate schools like Colburn and Rice, and have won and placed in leading competitions like the National Excerpt Competition, IDRS young artist compeititon, and Meg Quigley Vivaldi competition. They have also been accepted to top summer festivals such as Music Academy of the West, Tanglewood, and NRO.


    I enjoy disc golf, eating clean, and learning about web3 and entrepreneurship.


    In the past I taught at DePaul University and played with orchestras including the Chicago Symphony, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Milwaukee Symphony, Grant Park Orchestra, New Orleans Philharmonic, Houston Grand Opera, and Chicago Civic Orchestra. I studies Soundpainting with Wlater Thompson, and have studied bassoon with George Sakakeeny at Oberlin, Bill Buchman at DePaul, Richard Beene at Colburn, and Ben Kamins.

  • Student Success

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    I'm lucky to have worked with so many wonderful people. Oberlin has one of the top bassoon studios in the country for winning auditions, competitions, and graduate school placements, but I'm just as proud of all of the people who became writers, doctors, accountants, improvisers, visual artists, arts managers, chemists, and conductors!


    View the list of student accomplishments: 

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    How to Scales - Download my scale patterns and guide


    How to practice like a pro

    Build great technique, in any domain.




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    Learn the fundamentals of bassoon reed making through real life scenarios.

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  • Live recordings

    Latest Videos on my Youtube channel

    Villa-Lobos Ciranda, Mozart duet k.292, Brahms Cello Sonata in E minor

    Raphael Jimenez, Oberlin Chamber Orchestra. 9/18

    Music Academy of the West Orchestra 2010

    DePaul Symphony Orchestra, Michael Lewanski conducting. 2012

    Program includes Elgar Romance, Fasch Sonata in C, Perle BassoonMusic, Berwald Concert Piece 2012

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  • Schumann Fantasy Piece #1 arr. for two bassoons

    Listen to it

    get the free score and parts 👇

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  • Lessons and Practice Coaching

    How you practice is the key to every problem in your playing. This is the focus of my teaching now.

  • Music Major

    An online course for high school bassoonists

  • Writing on how to practice - click here

    Boy is it hard to upload live recordings! I fixate on the mistakes like we all do, blow them way...
    The two core pillars of practice are ease and clarity. Are you nailing it 100%? What thing...
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    Reed Making 101

    Everything you need to make the best bassoon reeds

  • Recommended Products

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    good price, all natural for when you blow out your bocal

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    Helps with pressure on left hand

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    Mini Course on optimizinhttp://propractice.mystrikingly.comg your practice habits.

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    Awesome ebook with video demonstrations

  • External Links

    Rob Knopper - Audition Hacker


    The best resource for audition and practice strategies. 

    Bassoon rentals and double reed supplies

    Midwest Musical Imports - The best, specialists.



    Jason Heath's Blog


    Real talk on classical music. Jason is an incredible thinker and entrepreneur. 

    Barton cane


    Well made GSP cane to make your own blanks. I use a Herzberg shape a like Rigotti at the moment.

    Go bassoon reeds


    Finished bassoon reeds.

    Bassoon rentals

    Midwest Musical Imports


    Flatts and Sharpe - Best company in the Chicagoland area. Willing to get Fox bassoons to rent for a very reasonable price.



    Barrick Stees' Website


    Excellent reed making guide and other bassoon resources. 

  • Past Events and Concerts

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    Oberlin Conservatory Bassoon Christmas Concert

    Early December 2018,

    Oberlin Conservatory

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    Rhythms, Rhymes, and the Kitchen Sink

    Recital with Robert Walters and Teddy NiedermaierJanuary 21, 2017 3pm Bop Stop, Cleveland


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    Round Top Festival

  • ----Rescheduled for Fall 2020----

    Ben Roidl-Ward Masterclass and Recital Materials Click Here 

    Approaches to Contemporary Techniques