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Balaji: how to start a new country

but how do we build it?

Balaji Srinivasan threw down some more mad/brilliant ideas in his latest article proposing a radical way to start a new country: online.

It’s perhaps inevitable with the decentralizing power of the internet, but we can still work to accelerate this goal.

The missing step in the process for me is figuring out how to build the physical outposts that are distributed around the world. 3D printing, factory assembly, and new modular/prefab manufacturing techniques seem ready to revolutionize home construction. Millennials don’t want to buy or inherit the big, old houses from our parents. We want small, new, efficient, clean. Perhaps a shared community space that is bigger.

Only serving LA at this point, Cover homes offers an all in one (contractors, permits, building, etc.) package for beautiful, 2 bedroom home for around $250k.

OOD makes strikingly beautiful spaces that disappear like predator into nature with one way mirrors. Cloaked home? Sign me up.

In order to save on scale and make the project especially financially viable, I’d love to install something like four 1x1 cabins and rent them out as airbnbs. This is where something like Boxabl really appeals to me. The first word on their website? affordable. They are targeting 1 day assembly and a $50k price point for a full studio home, with $5-50k set up costs depending on location.

How are you thinking about new living spaces and ways to build?

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