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Stream Ipad screen to OBS

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I’m new to all of this, so maybe I'm missing something, but couldn’t find this info anywhere all in once place. For me Air server was by far the best and Apowersoft would be my next choice. This is for going into a Windows PC, easy free Mac solution at the end.

Does anyone know of a way to do this via usb to lower the burden on my router? Usb would also theoretically have best latency?

Air server $7.99-12

  • $7.99-$20

  • best

  • Window capture works, included turn off capture cursor

  • Cropped 550 each side

  • Latency good, .25 seconds? Could test with latency detector online...

  • Alt+enter to exit full screen

  • Only works when in full screen?

  • To close the app - exit full screen, file - exit. Or it will run in the background.

Apowersoft - Iphone Ipad recorder

  • $80 lifetime

  • Great latency

Reflector 3 -

  • $17.99-$20

  • works but mouse shows whenever I go over the window.... Couldn’t figure out how to get rid of this

  • Slightly difficult to set up

  • Good latency

  • Can turn off capture cursor by setting up as display capture rather than window capture, but then have to leave mirrored window on top taking up half the screen. Would work if you aren’t needing to use OBS a lot and switch between scenes. Crop bottom and top 50, set no border, 1200 crop on one side.


Lonely Screen

  • $15/year

  • Had to crop, window

  • Easy to set up

  • Picture wasn’t clear

  • Good latency

Didn’t work - broadcast to WMP or VLC like works free, seamless, usb with Quicktime on Mac -> new movie recording -> click little arrow next to red record button and select the connected ipad. Then add a window capture source in obs.

Ipad pro 1st gen (ios 13.3.1) screen capture to put into stream on obs on Windows 10 home PC

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